10.4.17 – Welcome

First and foremost, I want to thank every single reader who comes across The Sigil. The whole purpose of this journal, or blog, is to electronically and publicly document my spiritual workings as a left-hand path witch. Following a Luciferian philosophy of self-enlightenment, I want to show my journey to those who may be considering pursuing one of their own. I’m in no way pushing my agenda, persuading a certain path over another, or saying what is right and what is wrong. My journey is my own, and therefore something I want to share with society.

While preparing for this journal, I was thinking of how I would be presenting it to the public. I was heavily favoring an anonymous feel, but my Spirit Guides dictated otherwise. Why hide? It’s time for my family, friends, and society to learn more about the left-hand path. Some things will come across taboo, which is okay considering the dynamic possibilities one can experience in this path. I think that being upfront just eases a way for open communication and understanding, which is heavily needed in today’s world.  The Sigil will also act as a bridge of communication for that purpose.

It has been quite an adventure reaching this point in my spiritual life, but every transition and experience has prepared me for today and tomorrow. There are numerous people throughout the world going through so many issues right now. Some issues are controlable, and some are not. Looking for a solution or a better circumstance begins with the self. It begins the moment one puts that energy into work. Spirituality serves as a medium for self-reflection, and can help people apply positive change in their lives. Therefore, let my experience, writings, and visuals help anyone find whatever path they need to fulfill their goals.

A few years ago, I had blog here in WordPress that covered Witchcraft and Hinduism. I connected with many people, and realized the potential that WordPress has for writers. I want to feel that “connective” power again. I learned from my previous WordPress experience what works and what doesn’t. With a minimalist feel, I will convey clear and concise posts for your reading. Our world is full of distractions, so why present such a scenario in this journal. I do have many plans for The Sigil and any social media attached to it, but for now, this is how it is being presented to the world.


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