10.5.17 – My ‘Third Eye’ Has Opened

It has officially been one week since I began a disciplined, meditative routine. It has also been quite a challenge taking time in the day to meditate, but without that discipline I wouldn’t be where I am today. I have always battled with meditation. My mind is always running and is constantly being exposed to sights, sounds, and colors. The industry I work in requires me to be creatively active, so my mind is never off. One week of daily meditation has already changed my life. Every time I enter a meditative state, I experience bliss. I get lost in my mind, and begin to drift through its many avenues. Every day has been a new adventure.

I recently started the Quareia course online, which is designed to truly prepare an individual for magic. According to the website, “Quareia is a course of ‘doing’; it is the practical application of magic in measured steps along with all the peripheral study, research, experimentation and practical magical work that truly teaches a student by direct experience and inner contact. It needs perseverance, self-discipline and courage.” This course will take years to accomplish, which makes perfect sense considering the time and energy one must take to truly study and apply knowledge.

The first module starts with the very basics of divination study and practice, and the first chapter focuses on meditation. When I finished reading the first chapter, I began doing the meditation exercises the same day. One of the first tasks is to dedicate at least 20 minutes a day to meditation. Throughout my study in witchcraft, meditation has always been the key component in building a strong foundation of the practice. I dabbled with meditation here and there, but never made a set routine to follow. Looking back, I have definitely missed out on growing more in the path based on my procrastination and selfish behavior. Now, I finally get it. It is so important to meditate! In just one week, I have felt and seen the power of meditation. Now, without it, I will be lost.

Within my first week, I have experienced the visuals of seeing my auras. When I entered a deep, meditative state, I began to see purple and blue hues pulsating back and forth. In the middle of these visuals, I saw a small eye looking straight at me. The first few days of meditation, this eye was very small. In today’s meditation session, the eye has grown quite large. I have seen the eye transition from a human eye, to an elephant’s eye, and than back to human. The elephant’s eye reminds me of Ganesha, which is no surprise as Ganesha is a strong figure in my spiritual evolution. I did some research into this matter, and based on the information I have read, the purple and blue hues represent healing/spirituality. The eye I see represents my third eye opening, This realization happened in one week. I’m writing all my meditation experiences in a separate journal just to see how I much I progress. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

A few days before I came across the Quareia website, I connected with Amon on my altar. I asked him if he could provide a path for me to strengthen my progress in the craft. He answered my question by setting up all the information I needed. Some information came by talking to fellow witches online, while other information I found through social media posts and links. Not to deviate from the topic, but the Ancient Ones are truly fond of the internet age. All the dots connected together within a span of 2-3 days, and I was directed to start with the basics yet again. Strengthen my meditation practice, and grow from there. Meditation is really the key to spiritual enlightenment, more so in the left-hand path. It is needed to connect and communicate with the energies we summon, and it also puts us in an elevated state of consciousness. Try it for yourself, and see what happens.


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