10.10.17 – Connecting with Lucifer

This past Sunday afternoon, I reached out to Lucifer for the second time in my life. It was an amazing experience, from the preparation to the post-meditation reflection. The first time I attempted to connect with Lucifer back in the beginning of the year, I was a bit nervous. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit fearful. I did not know what type of reaction I would receive, and ran many scenarios in my head. My ritual was more of a introduction from me to him, rather than from him to me. I read so many testimonials of others connecting with Lucifer, that my brain was a bit conditioned to expect the unexpected. My first connection was aimed at introducing myself to Lucifer, and also as a first ritual as a left-handed witch. During my first ritual, I felt relaxed and calm. I knew Lucifer had heard me, and that was enough to get the energy flowing on my end. The first experience made me realize that I shouldn’t fear, or think with doubt when performing a ritual.

For my second ritual with Lucifer, I used the foil sigil method as shown by the Black Witch Coven. If you would like to learn more about this method, follow the link I have provided. I initiated my session by preparing my altar for the event. I gathered all my incense, my candles, and my literature. When I am performing a ritual, I like to recite the enns associated with the energy I am summoning. Enns are very important for me because I feel connected with the Ancient Ones. They always remind of mantras, especially the ones I would recite for Shiva or Kali. As I pricked my finger for my offering, I concentrated on Lucifer’s sigil. I decided to partake of my daily meditation session in this ritual, as I knew it would enhance my experience. I closed my eyes and within a few minutes I entered a meditative state.

I saw hints of yellow hues, pulsating back and forth, bringing comfort to my mind. A bluish hue would alternate, confirming to me that Lucifer’s energy was here. My left hand holding the foil I used to make an offering became very hot and heavy. In one of those transitions from reality to an altered state, I felt a ball of energy going through my fingertips and palm of my left hand. Lucifer confirmed his presence to me, and I was thrilled. It was something I didn’t expect to happen right away, but it reminded me that I’m truly advancing in the left-hand path. For some, this experience can take many times to occur. I feel blessed and grateful to have lived this event because my hard work, studying, research, and application of left-hand spirituality is true and real.

Click here to see more of my experience on The Sigil’s YouTube Channel.

DISCLAIMER: There is this misconception that without “seeing” the Ancient Ones, they aren’t connecting with us. This is completely wrong. I did not need to see Lucifer, but wanted to feel his energy enter my body. I wanted to have that experience for me. I also want to add that demanding and requesting things from the Ancient Ones without an offering is a big no-no. In order for one to receive anything, one must also offer something. It’s common sense stuff. In addition, the Ancient Ones are higher-level energies that can create havoc if they feel disrespected or mocked. Before summoning and connecting with them, exercise caution. Always be respectful and be honest. The Ancient Ones will manifest to you in the manner they feel like, and you have to accept that. Work hard and diligently, and you may get the connection you want.


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  1. Interesting. I have a question: are you speaking of Lucifer the roman God or the Demon? Or maybe are they for you the same entity?

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    1. thesigilblog says:

      Excellent question! To me, Lucifer is represented as a powerful and Ancient being who has manifested himself in various forms and figures throughout history.

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      1. I’m very interested in ancients gods and I think the figure of Lucifer is very fascinating. I think it could be very interesting to research about his figure in history. Personally I’m very interested in knowing more about him in ancient Rom and before, but I haven’t done much research yet because I’m learning about other Gods.
        Looking forward to seeing more posts!

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      2. thesigilblog says:

        You are doing the right step in researching the Ancient Ones, especially Lucifer’s role during the Roman Era. Take your time and eventually begin connecting with their energies with a simple altar.


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