10.15.17 – Spiritual Achievement

A friend of mine recently asked me what am I trying to seek or achieve spiritually. That’s a great question because it comes in various shades of answers. What am I truly trying to achieve? Well, the first and most important goal I have already achieved is finding myself. Yes, you heard that right. Finding myself has taken many decades of soul searching and trial-and-error. Throughout different moments in life, we all have to assimilate to our surroundings and life circumstance. We begin to wear masks upon masks, slowly eradicating something about ourselves along the way. Achieving the simple goal of finding myself made me realize how important my life is. Not only to me but to others as well.

Another goal I seek is becoming the best person I can be, for me, and then for others. My spirituality has served as a means of personal cleansing. Throughout the years, it has eliminated many energy-consuming people, places, and things. It taught me how to apply patience in the right manner and setting. It provided comfort in moments of mental and emotional turmoil. It served as a compass, pointing in the right direction each and every time. When I communicate with the Ancient Ones on my altar, I release all of my stress absorbing the heat of my candles. The incense helps purify my spirit by clearing all accumulated, negative energy from my daily life.

I can go on and on giving answers, but for the sake of your time reading this post, I will finalize with just three. An important goal I’m working on daily is establishing a positive, working relationship with the Ancient Ones. With each passing day, new thoughts and experiences are shared through my connection with them. They help me focus on my growth, which requires time and dedication. I’m not perfect and deal with many things during the day. They also serve as guides, putting me in the right direction to learn about planetary hours and days, herbs, aromas, divination tools and techniques, and so on. By working on these things, I can successfully work with them. It’s not easy, but well worth the time and energy.

Every person has their own reason(s) pursuing a spiritual path, and some are content not even pursuing anything. To each their own, and that’s the beauty of living in a country where that freedom is given. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who pursue a spiritual path for the purpose of taking advantage of others, while exploiting flaws and weaknesses. Sadly, we see this too much in comparison to a more, positive approach. Depending on which side you’re on, just remember that for every action comes a consequence. Be aware of how your actions affect your growth, and take it care from there.


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  1. Brilliant post, I truly admire people like you, the ability to be so introspective about ones own life, without allowing egotism to taint the process, is difficult. For this I praise you, immensly. looking forward to more of your work. Ave Brother.

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    1. thesigilblog says:

      Thank you, Eyes of a Luciferian! With time, dedication, and preservence one can achieve great things. The left hand path is truly the way for individual freedom and enlightenment.


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