11.3.17 – Morning Star

Every morning when I walk my dogs, I encounter a beautiful scene in the dawn sky. The planet Venus is shining brightly in the twilight hours of the morning and welcoming me to a new day. Of course, I can see the sun peeking up over the horizon, but that’s the last thing I think about. When I see Venus, I give my morning salutation to Lucifer. His representation as the ‘Morning Star‘ fits perfectly with how Venus appears in the sky. For those that are unaware, Venus appears only for a few hours in both dawn and dusk. It is the brightest star next to the sun, and it accompanies it during its voyage of illumination and obscurity. Lucifer accompanies me through my voyage of spiritual transformation, giving me insight into wisdom and knowledge, but also revealing harsh truths about myself and others. The left-hand path through Luciferianism provides a unique and challenging way to spiritually self-evolve.

When I see Venus, it puts me into a positive state of mind. As I am breathing the fresh, morning air, my lungs expand to absorb all the oxygen they can. My eyes begin to adjust to the brightness of the morning. My skin reacts to the cool or heat of the morning. When I place my gaze to Venus, my mind begins to fully awaken. The brightness of the star against the pink and purple horizon of dawn creates a magical effect in my brain cells. It prepares me for a new day of challenges and guides me to make the best-informed decisions and actions. Venus, like Lucifer, creates a physical, emotional, and mental reaction. How many of you, my readers, have experienced something like this? I encourage you to participate in an early morning walk and experience the power of Venus. You will not be disappointed.

A few days ago, I celebrated Samhain/Halloween very early in the morning. The night before, I prepared everything I needed for a ritual and meditation session. I gathered all my things and placed them within an arm’s reach of my nightstand. I set my alarm to 4 AM and went to bed. When the alarm went off, I struggled to get out of bed. For a moment, I even thought about postponing everything and going back to sleep. I was instantly reminded that hard work and dedication is the only way to truly advance in this path. I got up, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and went straight into ritual mode. Some of you may be asking why so early? Time is precious in my life, and performing an early morning ritual was the only avenue for no distractions or interruptions. For Samhain/Halloween, I just focused on meditation and releasing positive energy to loved ones.

As I lit my incense and candles, I asked the Ancient Ones to bless and protect everyone I love and to protect them from all negative energy in their life. This special day was also an opportunity to honor all my deceased relatives. I’m a strong believer in reincarnation,  but that doesn’t mean I cannot stop paying my respects to my ancestors. Maybe they’re still in a transitional point in the spirit world, or maybe some of them have already reincarnated into a new life, but their presence played an impact in my life. Regardless of where they’re at, it is important to recognize them on this special day. Some cultures even go to the extremes of digging up the bodies of their relatives and reburying them with gifts and new clothes. Our bodies are but shells of the spirit that lives inside, so honoring the spirit, not the actual body, makes more sense. How do you honor your deceased, loved ones?

After my ritual and session, I had a deep moment of self-reflection. The month of October was a very strong and spiritual. I documented everything I did, from meditation sessions to tarot readings. I connected with the Ancient Ones and experienced their presence more intensely. I observed people for who they truly are; yes, removing all those masks of falseness that tends to engulf modern society. I became more attuned to myself, accepting all my good qualities as well as my flaws. October 31st is a date I use to mark the end of an annual, spiritual chapter of my life. I reflect, but I also set goals for the future. For these next 365 days, I am focused on further strengthening my skills in the left-hand path. I have my goals set in place, but it ultimately depends on me. Like Venus, I may appear here and there for much of my family and friends, but when I do, you’ll notice.


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  1. H.w. says:

    I took a photo of Venus and was taken by surprise. I’m not sure how to attach it here. But I would like toy to see it.

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    1. thesigilblog says:

      I’m curious to see this pic! Upload at this website (https://uploadfiles.io), and then paste the link in this comment section. 🙂


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