12.26.17 – Vision List

This year, I’m going to try something different. In the past, I would create a vision board before the new year started to get me focused on everything I want to achieve in the next 12 months. I would make an elaborate, digital vision board and have it display on my MacBook screen. Rarely would I print it out and put it close to my altar; not because I was embarrassed, but I found it to be personal and not for public viewing. Well, 2018 is right around the corner and it’s time I switch things up a bit. A new year always brings about changes, and this new year I want to make some changes to help me become the best person for me.

Intuition tells me to put this publicly out there, as a way of holding myself accountable. After some reflection, it makes sense. If I want to attract all these goals and make them happen it all depends on me. Being online for a good portion of the day, my vision list will be there reminding me of what I need to do. Some of my ideas may seem far-fetched and some so easily attainable, but that’s life. I think I do best when I am put in a self-defying mode. Alright, I think I rambled enough so, without further ado, this is what I plan to accomplish in 2018 in particular order.

Documentaries: My goal is to make at least two documentaries this year. Short and simple documentaries focusing on the left-hand path. For this, I will have to step out of my comfort zone and venture out into the country. The last time I did this, I received very positive results. This will require lots of planning beforehand, just to ensure everything is in sync. I usually do everything on a whim, which is good for my adventurous side but it takes more time for editing purposes.

Travel: Ah, yes. The goal everyone aspires to make, but then reality hits and nothing is done. I have lived this reality year after year, with some exceptions here and there. For 2018, I plan on doing as much travel as possible. Even if it’s localized, I refuse to be attached to the confines of my home. My far-fetched places I plan on visiting for the first time are New Orleans, Russia, Oregon, and various countries in Latin America.

Health: I’m a relatively healthy person, but there is always room for improvement. I “intend” on having a stricter workout routine, and not rushing into seeing results. I think this has been a subconscious issue for me because not seeing results leads me to procrastination. The little results I did see boosted my motivation, so with the right planning and action, anything is possible.

Spirituality: The left-hand path has taught me many things about myself, and gave me many opportunities to connect with the universe. 2016 and 2017 have been two years of self-discovery. 2018 will be a year of action. It has taken me about 2-3 years to prepare myself through meditation, reading, studying, and reflection. I’ve learned a tremendous amount of information, and now it is time to put it all into action. I look forward to seeing my results.

Business: Although I work a regular, full-time job, I always aspire for more. I want to have not just one, but a few small businesses where I can manage and succeed all on my own. Easier said than done, but it’s doable with the excellent planning. You may be asking what type of businesses. They will intertwine each other in the occult/New Age field. With hard work, comes great rewards.

It looks like I have a lot in store for 2018, and I already feel overwhelmed but in a good way. I can plan all I want, but another reality is that life can change in a split second. I think that’s part of the challenge. With this, I leave my last post of the year with positive intentions. I want to thank all of you for taking your time to read my posts and see my videos. Expect more from The Sigil, and see you next year!



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