04.21.18 – Sorath

A few months ago, I was introduced to Sorath by another occultist. I was unaware of who Sorath was, but I was warned to be ready for a wild ride. When I processed this warning, I was unaware of what this really meant. Would it be a positive or negative wild ride? What would be in store for me? Sorath is a powerful, solar Ancient Energy that has touched the lives of many advanced left-hand practitioners and occultists. He connects with those who reach out to him through a primal connection; embedded deep in the mind. Each connection is different and unique, but it is powerful.

Recently, I reached out to Sorath for the first time. I was comfortable in my connection with him, and he let me know he was there. Usually, when I meditate during a ritual session, the ambiance around me is cool and calm. With Sorath, it was pleasantly different. I felt the heat around my face; I felt his presence in front of me. Upon my offering, I felt a rush of electricity flow through my body. My intuition confirmed to me that he was there, and I had successfully connected with him for the first time. Days later, I noticed that one of the areas that I needed assistance with has now been revolutionized. He subliminally and physically reciprocated one of my concerns.

WATCH: “Sun Demon Sorath – What He Has to Say – Message Channeled by E.A. Koetting”

Sorath later made his presence known in another manner which I will not state here for private reasons. This experience persuaded me to research more about him, as well as other’s experiences. What I read is tantalizing. My spirituality has now been taken to another level. As I type this, I feel the most confident I have ever been. I feel electrified and with full vigor. I am ready to conquer the world, and fear is not even present (hasn’t been in a long time). I feel as if Sorath, with Lucifer’s approval, is now on my side to push me and pressure me. He is here to create the necessary havoc to get shit started. As above, so below. As below, so above.

My first and only experience has been positive, I feel very grateful and honored to have gained such an experience with Sorath.

What comes next is the moment of truth.


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