05.02.18 – Flambeau Noir 2018

I just got back from Portland, Oregon, and it was an amazing experience to be in one of my favorite cities in the United States. I have been attracted to the Pacific Northwest for quite a long time, all stemming from my hardcore alternative days in the early 1990s. Sadly, I never had the opportunity to visit the region up until this past weekend. The major incentive of my trip was to attend “Flambeau Noir 2018“, which is a left-hand path conference aimed at sharing different viewpoints and experiences. Not only did I meet awesome people, but I enjoyed the cool atmosphere of Portland. The combination of the clouds, the energy, the people… EVERYTHING… was exactly what I needed to start the month of May refreshed and energized for the future.

I’ll start by focusing on the city itself. There is a cosmopolitan feel to the City of Roses, where modern and classic vibes intertwine with one another. Obviously, the environment is beautiful with its lush blue/green trees and colorful foliage. The cool weather allows one to feel the essence of the region, and the drizzling rain adds to the experience as well. Architecture is all over the place, with homes built in the late 1800s/early 1900s mix beautifully with modern designs. The downtown area of the city is amazing, and one of the most well kept I have ever seen in a major city. The people are always friendly, and their quirky approach to life made me feel right at home. Portland is an amazing city with much to offer, and even more to gain.

On the other hand, Portland is going through a weird phase (no pun intended). The boom of new residents has skyrocketed housing prices, and employment is having a hard time catching up to meet demand. There is a growing problem of homelessness because of the housing issue, and those afflicted with drug and alcohol problems are making matters worse. The city’s past also cannot be ignored, as there were and continues to be racial issues and disparities. The negative observations are not something I just read; I asked a lot of people about their experiences living in Portland. Despite everything, they were positive and love living in the city. Like in any major city, there will always be problems but it’s up to oneself to make an experience positive or negative.

Meeting other left-hand practitioners at “Flambeau Noir 2018” was amazing. Seldom do I meet others on this path; now I was amongst a great number of them. The three-day conference’s main goal was to unite and share experiences on the left-hand path. Before the conference got started, we all had a “meet and greet” at a local bar. This was not any ordinary bar. It was a dark-themed venue where one can get lost listening to the Sisters of Mercy while having a conversation in a backroom that holds an empty coffin. Perfect place for such a powerful exchange! Slowly the venue began to fill with everyone from the conference, and we were able to interact for the first time since the event was announced. After the “meet and greet“, we all participated in a very strong ritual session full of chants and energy.

In the left-hand path, one is able to truly experience a side of spirituality that is not for the faint of heart. You are tested, time and time again, and are expected to overcome challenges with intelligence, rational thinking, and confident action. The speakers that were invited to share their experience came from all different backgrounds: culturally and spiritually. They provided deep insight into spiritual philosophy and application while providing a real-world application. There were a few that resonated with me and left a deeper impact on my growth as a Luciferian.

Koyote the Blind – As a Latino, I was honored to see Koyote deliver a Toltec vision of the creation of the Earth through his Shamanic experience. It was amazing to see how his words and movements brought the audience to a standstill through his vision. I shared a few words with Koyote prior to his performance, and he was really excited to share a piece of his spiritual work and ancestry with the audience. There has to be a more ancestral connection of this kind within Latinos because centuries of domination and indoctrination by the Catholic Church has caused many to forget how much indigenous spirituality has suffered.

Jeremy Crow – I have been friends with Jeremy for quite while though social media, but this was the first time that we physically met. His demeanor and spirit are superb, and his talk on the alchemy of death was excellent. Our spirits do not die and continue to evolve as we move forward in other planes. Society, for the most part, fears death and views it as a final step before an absolute destination of paradise or damnation. Jeremy’s philosophical take on death was a breath of fresh air in teaching us how death not only shapes our lives while we live but also how it allows us to keep working towards spiritual ascension.

Michael Ford – When I was in my beginning phase of learning about the left-hand path, I came across Michael Ford’s YouTube channel. It is here where I learned about Luciferianism and his book, “Wisdom of Eosphoros – The Luciferian Philosophy“. It was definitely an honor being able to shake his hand and exchange a few words of gratitude for his dedication to the path. His talk on infernal symbolism was on point! The power behind the symbols in the left-hand path is immense, and are there to help connect with the Ancient Ones. They help us within our use of the craft and act as a powerful indicator of who we are. His talk was filled with the power of the black flame, and many attendees can attest to this.

Venus Satanas – Venus is not only a guide but also a powerful, feminine voice in the Satanic movement. Her talk on her journey into Satanism was very intriguing, especially since she is one of the very few women in the Satanic movement who is open about their spirituality to the public. During her talk, she shared her experience on how Satanism provided an avenue of freedom for spiritual liberation. Resonating with her words, one of the female attendees brought up a very important topic: the misinterpreted view of a modern, Satanic woman. Satanic women are often portrayed as lustful, devilish women whose only purpose is to please males. This is far from the truth! Satanic women are intelligent beings who have taken a stronghold of their spiritual path. They are challenged more than mainstream-religion women and often are harassed and attacked for being who they are. As a left-hand path male, it is important to make others aware of this issue and start educating males about the importance of respect and honor towards left-hand path women.

Thomas LeRoy – As co-founder of the “Sect of the Horned God“, Thomas’s talk on the left-hand path to divinity was unique and interesting. His personal story of how he discovered the left-hand path resonated with me as we both were intrigued by darker aspects of spirituality. During the last half of his talk, Thomas brought a very familiar topic: Shiva. As stated in a previous post, Shiva has played a major role in my spiritual development, and I consider him one of the most important and influential figures in the left-hand path. As he talked about Shiva’s role in modern left-hand practice, my chakras were pulsating out of control. My energy level was high, and I was having visions of energy particles around the room. Some even compare Shiva to Lucifer; as enlightened, energy sources for humans to connect with, grow, and learn from. Kali was also introduced in his talk, and he touched on something I always refer to: the duality of male and female energy in the universe. It was a great talk that left a big impact for the duration of the conference.

As “Flambeau Noir 2018” came to a close, I was very pleased with my experience both in the city and at the event. As I took the bus and train back to the airport, I heavily reflected on my experiences. I connected with Azazel for the first time, and it was powerful. I met with great people at the conference and started a promising friendship with one attendee. I ate at a few pods (food carts), and the food was actually better than in most restaurants I have ever eaten in. I loved the MAX and the whole public transportation system. Coffee tastes much better in Portland, and they go perfectly with crazy donuts. The weather is amazing and makes you want to be outside more often. I lost myself in a new city, which can be daunting for those who are afraid of an adventure. I learned that I can thrive, not only as a Luciferian but also a future entrepreneur, in the City of Roses. The future looks very promising, in both spiritual and physical growth.


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