The Sigil is a journal of my Luciferian lifestyle in this modern world. There are countless of websites explaining what a Luciferian is, or what the philosophy behind it teaches, so there is no need to explain that here. If you are truly interested, just go on “Google” and research.

The main purpose of The Sigil is to highlight moments of my spiritual practice and growth as a witch in the left-hand path. With this mind, I hope my journal accomplishes the following goals:

  • Spread awareness of left-hand path spirituality to a dominant right-hand path world.
  • Allow readers from all the world to discover working with Ancient energy forces from diverse cultures.
  • Become a place of inquiry and application, where the mind meets the universe.
  • A source of information for the curious-minded, new practitioners, and experienced occultists.

As time permits (and if the universe and my goals are in unison), The Sigil will eventually become a common household name for those seeking a more creative, hands-on approach to self-enlightenment and spiritual awakening. I would love to feature contributions to the journal in the future, so please keep checking to see when that becomes an available option.